Dark Raider


Apocalypse has come. It had been prophesied centuries ago, and people all over the world of Ylkis were expecting it, ready to one day face the wrath of the Gods. Chaos reigns, and the End of Times seemed inevitable. But …

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Burning Blade


Teebik Games announced the launch of its mobile MMORPG, Burning Blade. The highly-anticipated game embodies all the 3D third-person hack- and- slash gameplay of “Diablo” with the action-packed combat style of “Dragon Nest.” To celebrate the launch, Burning Blade will …

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POiSE is an amazing arcade game that tells about the adventures of a funny alien named Spike! Spike’s ship was wrecked among the asteroid belt. He’ll have to struggle out of scope of the asteroid belt by the use of …

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Vampire Volleyball


Retro64 Games announced the release of Vampire Volleyball on six different platforms simultaneously: iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Flash. “I’m not sure if it’s a world record or not, but we can’t find a game that launched …

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