Ravenshire Castle


Ravenshire Castle is a new castle building and adventure Facebook game by 6Waves, based on the successful series of Ravenwood Fair or Ravenskye City. Actually if you ever played any of the mentioned titles you will immediately recognize the graphics …

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Bubble Safari


Bubble Safari is a new social bubble shooter game available on Facebook, this time brought by Zynga on an attempt to diversify their games offer. You play the role of a chimp in his quest to save her loved one …

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Dungeon Blitz


Dungeon Blitz is a 2D side-scrolling multiplayer online action role playing game, free to play and browser based, created by Blue Mammoth Games. Review After choosing one of the three available classes (Paladin, Rogue or Mage), you can customize its …

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Horse Haven


Horse Haven is a new Facebook game where you to raise, nurture, and breed horses developed  by Ubisoft. Experience the thrill of being a horse ranch owner, maintain buildings and stables, care your horses, compete against friends in special horse …

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Rabbids Invasion


Rabbids Invasion or (Rabbids – The Lapins Crétins: Invasion) is a fantastic new Facebook game from Ubisoft. With astonishing visuals and ridiculously hilarious gameplay and twisted humor, Rabbids Invasion presents itself as a great new city building experience or better …

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Lucky Slots


Lucky Slots is another free social slots Facebook Game, where you can play with your friends, receive free chips every day, and play 10 different slot machines with several bonus games each. As additional features Lucky Slots offers the chance …

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Mafia Warfare


Mafia Warfare is a new collectible card game on Facebook, developed by Diamond Yard where players collect cards and battle other players. Its single-player campaign and card-collecting pursuits take place in a mafia-themed atmosphere. Players take over landscapes such as …

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House M.D.: Critical Cases


House M.D.: Critical Cases is a new online social game available exclusively on Facebook from Ubisoft, and based on the awarded series from Universal, it mixes role playing, puzzles, hidden objects and mini-games. In House, M.D. : Critical Cases, you’ve …

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Trophy Slots


Trophy Slots is a new social slots game on Facebook, where you get the chance to try special Bonus Levels as well as play 10 totally unique slots games. It brings some of the most popular online and land based slot …

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The French studio Feerik as just launched a new game on Facebook: Monstroville! A new type of community game that mixes collection, management and adventure! An explosive mix of humor and good humor in which the player is Monstroville’s MonstroMayor, …

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