Pettington Park

Pettington Park is a new Google Plus game developed by Loot Drop and published by Zynga exclusively for the social platform.

Pettington Park can be seen as a city building and mini-games title, based on a weekly competition between the Cats and the Dogs. When you start the game you choose which side you are on, the Cat Team or the Dog Team, then you have to build your park and play games to compete against the opposing team.

Everything you do in the game is added to the scores of everyone else on your team. Every Wednesday, the scores are compared and one side is declared the winner of the week! Then the scores reset, and the two teams battle for another week.

In order to progress in the game you have to play games, build up your park and perform quests. Quests give you rewards, like XP and unlocking new areas to explore! Use your energy to complete quests, and only collect resources when necessary. Collecting resources is done on your park, either by clearing trees for wood, stones and metal scrap.

Then you have to build several types of structures, each with specific functions. Arcade games and Court Games (like volleyball) allow you and your visitors to play and compete for the weekly competition.

Services buildings like restaurants are other kind of buildings you can build in Pettington Park. You can find all these types of buildings in the PetStore. Building and placing both these active items plus decorations gives your park PAWESOME, which is what attracts new visitors to play your games and give you quests!

Playing Games counts toward your team’s score for the week, and how PAWESOME your park is brings more visitors to play the games and help you make money.

Quests will ask you to build games and other things, and as you gain levels and unlock new areas of the world, more games and unique buildings will become available to you.

Pettington Park offers a different concept with the two factions, but other game mechanics offer nothing new and mini games are nothing special. Energy runs out too quickly and the game seems too demanding on resources and slow on response. Even so it can be interesting if you have enough friends playing.

No longer available

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