Goetia – the Infinite Tower

Goetia is a fantasy browser-based online RPG from Japan. You are summoned to this new world as a new King candidate on a journey up Goetia – the Infinite Tower. You will experience many great adventures and obtain treasures as you climb up and unfold secrets of the Infinite Tower.

The story starts with your first encounter with Lemegeton, a grimoire who will guide you throughout the journey. From him, you have learned that the world destruction spreading through the lands far and wide. The resources are slowly running out, all creatures are on the verge of dying and gradually losing hope. In order to save the world, many King candidates have been summoned, to fight against monsters, conquer the Infinite Tower, and save the World.

One of Goetia – the Infinite Tower’s coolest features is the various unique Demon Gods that all have their own passive abilities, along with a wide range of skills and magic, providing you with plenty of choices upon character building. You will command them, and save the lands before it’s too late.

Depending on dungeons, you can enlist up to 9 Demon Gods to travel with you, they will fight for your cause, and it’s up to you to select and command the lineup that is most efficient in each battle. In addition, there are hundreds of attainable items and weapons, a complete Monster Domination System, as well as an Upgrade-Evolve-Enchant System to strengthen your Demon Gods.

The game focuses on player progressing through various Tower Worlds via the Infinite Tower, where you encounter with a variety of enemies as you progress. Enemies and challenges become increasingly difficult as you climb up the Tower, without tactics, and a powerfuland well-balanced teams, you could be annihilated in battle by powerful opposing forces.

In Goetia, there are 2 modes of battle: solo and co-op. In Solo battle mode, you bring your Demon God parties with you, and clear the Tower World all on your own. On the other hand, in Co-op battle mode, you join forces with other candidates to clear Tower World dungeon. Available in both main story and raid battle boss fight, you can choose to conquer the Tower World on your own, or coordinate with up to 6 candidates and prevail in battles.

There is no random encounter in Goetia. Battle begins when you bump into enemies visible in the Tower World. The combat system is based on an active turn battle system; units will be able to act once their turns have come. Once the turn has come, you can choose to act immediately or wait for a good timing.

There are 2 combat modes in Goetia: Auto and Manual. The combat starts in Auto mode. In Auto mode, Demon Gods will act on their own. This mode is good for starter and in a fight with normal enemies.In a fight against boss enemies with high difficulty, Manual mode is recommended. Manual mode will give you full control of your Demon Gods. You can challenge bosses by managing the fights at your own pace. Switching between combat modes in various situations is a key to domination.

It wouldn’t take long for you to fall completely in love with this game for its stunning Japanese style graphics and elegant tones of music that accompany the game progression. You may find satisfaction in this fantasy world of Tower World exploration with charming Demon Gods. For those who love a good online JRPG, this game is totally worth giving it a shot.

Goetia: The Infinite Tower is developed by Appirits, an experienced Japanese browser game developer.

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