Cannons Lasers Rockets

CLR is a free-to-play multiplayer arcade space game. That includes PvP and Co-Op (PvE) gameplay with a strong accent on player-versus-player and team-versus-team combat.

CLR provides 2D spaceship combat in 3D environment. We have wide variety of combat roles fitting different playing styles. Players can select one of many starships that is best suited for them and further customize it with gear and ammo so that it will look and feel more personalized. Any ship can take part in PvP and Co-op PvE missions, be accepted into clans or participate alone. Later players can change ships to explore other combat styles, not beginning anew but advancing over what they already have.

Key features of our game:

– A gameplay that is easy to learn and hard to master to please both casual and skilled players
– Hundreds of ships and even more equipment so that anyone could find what’s best for them
– Interactive environment that can be used for combat advantage
– Simplified controls
– Steam-based Leaderboards, achievements and special in-game challenges
– Co-op PvP up to 10 ships on each side
– Clan PvP with up to 50 ships on one map
– Dozens of maps and multiple mission types
– Memorable ship designs
– Free-to-play, not pay to win!
– Cross-platform multiplayer
– Unity 3D client (coming to Windows and Linux first, and to both popular mobile platforms next)

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