Bubble Ninja

Bubble Ninja is a real time action 2D-side scrolling browser game, based on the famous Japanese manga Naruto, developed by China-based LineKong and published by Ninja2u.

You can choose from 4 different classes or jobs, Katon, Futon, Suiton and Raiton, each based on one of the four elements, Fire, Wind, Water and Thunder/Lighting respectively, you can also choose your gender for any of the above.


Bubble Ninja reminds me of Maplestory or Neosaurs, but with the Naruto theme and story as background, Ninja Warz or Pockie Ninja also ring a bell when you look at the graphics and overall environment.

You can explore the game world and enjoy all the features of a MMORPG, without any download and in the comfort of your Facebook account, if you manage to have some friends to play with you the better, if not there are lots of way to play and discover new players to perform party missions and Boss battles.

As I said before Bubble Ninja is fully based on the famous manga Naruto. The storyline, Character, Ninjutsu skill even the Summon (Pet) is fully remake from the original Naruto manga and anime. Another unique point according to the developers  is the introduction of some special contents that never appear in public before.

The battle system offers more than the usual point a click, and you can choose various special skills from the different jobs, backed with attack sound effects, screen vibration and more. One thing is sure, count on great colorful visuals and special effect, as background for the detailed and appealing characters.

Bubble Ninja offers much more, like the pet system, partying, equipment enhancing and degrading, clan system or guilds, all the usual social features you can find, like chat, friends system and so on. There are much more system features, but it is also fun to discover so I’ll not mention them all here.

The Official Website offers a detailed Guide, tutorial and newbie manual for new players and eventually veterans who might have any questions.

If you are a Naruto fan you will for sure try the game, if you like side scrolling role playing games this might also be a nice option.

Trailer and gameplay videos

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