Animal Jam Launches Big Cat Conservation Campaign

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Every Jammer Who Purchases Limited Edition Wristbands Will Be Contributing To A Better Future For Endangered Cat Species

Smart Bomb Interactive, known for developing and publishing family friendly online games, today launches a new in-game event for National Geographic Animal Jam aimed at raising awareness for endangered big cat species while engaging players in new and wild activities! Animal Jam is a browser-based game world enjoyed by millions of kids worldwide, with a strong emphasis on earth sciences, self-expression and fun.  With cutting edge safety technology and a plethora of parental control options, it’s also a safe haven online for any age.  Kids and parents can check out Animal Jam at National Geographic Animal Jam

Starting today, Jammers will be able to participate in a wristband campaign to benefit the “Play Wild Fund.”  Animal Jam Outfitters will offer a package of five colorful cat-themed wristbands at a price of $9.95 per package.  40% of the net proceeds from each purchase go directly to the conservation of endangered cats such as lions and leopards.  The specific programs that receive the donations will be chosen by Jammers themselves; as they learn more about endangered cats through the in-game Conservation Museum, kids will steer the Play Wild Fund’s real-world money by contributing virtual “Gems” to the programs they wish to support.    Every Gem helps steer donations to charities that are working to save these beautiful felines from extinction.

The Conservation Museum is an exciting new addition to Animal Jam!  Inside this new zone are exhibits that showcase several endangered cat species and the threats they face in the wild, including poaching and shrinking habitats.  Conservation efforts are also explained, so players will understand exactly what the Play Wild Fund is doing to protect these majestic animals.

“Big cats are among the most popular avatar choices for our Jammers, and we’re proud to help bring both awareness and meaningful action to the struggle these animals face in the wild,” said Clark Stacey, CEO of Smart Bomb Interactive.  “Whether kids are visiting the newly opened Conservation Museum inside Animal Jam, or wearing one of the new limited edition wristbands, they are simultaneously learning about these fascinating cats and helping to save them.”

40% of the net proceeds from every purchase of the wristband packs go straight to the three conservation projects that players are introduced to and vote for inside the Conservation Museum, so it’s a great way to show support for endangered animal species throughout the world.  These big cat wristbands will only be available for a limited time and make great stocking stuffers, so grab yours now!

Players will have plenty more to look forward to in Animal Jam with new content and fun holiday events just around the corner!  Fans can keep in the loop by visiting   and

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