Zombie Clash

A crazy scientist has researched a zombie virus that is ravaging the world and has taken control of the zombies with a mysterious agent. The heroes will seize his technology and stop his evil plan!
Welcome to Zombie Clash, where there’s a relaxed plot, the unique experience of commanding an army of zombies, rhythm, parkour, action mini-games, and more!

◼︎ Real Time Cards Battle
Command individual heroes and play their unique roles to defeat powerful Bosses and their minions!
At the same time, you will drive a tank to support the battle, launch tactics, attack the monsters. Your operation will bring victory!

◼︎ Renovate and Run a Factory
Change the layout of the factory as you wish, direct the zombie workers, build a variety of buildings, decorations and souvenirs.
Producing materials, synthesizing tools, gathering resources. By arranging various actions wisely, the factory will prosper step by step!

◼︎ A train adventure on the wilderness
Repair the abandoned railroad and travel the moor by train. Witness various wonders, crises, and vicious monsters.
Uncover the mist, through the tunnel into a more mysterious area, a rocket ready to launch into outer space is standing on the ground, what will it be ……?

◼︎ Zombie Army Clash
Explore the base of the villain, use his technology to transform a variety of zombie soldiers and lead them into battle.
Work with your allies to fight for territory, capture railroads, defeat enemy troops. You will get closer to the villain’s lair, to discover the ultimate technology and secrets!

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