Zombie Arena: Fury Shooter Online

The hungry revenants have arrived. You cannot escape their attack. Prepare to survive endless waves of zombies!

The nuclear post apocalypse has begun. Anonymous, known as the Show Host, kidnaps survivors and sends them off to participate in the deadly performance. The higher your rating you reach during the broadcast, the better your chances of survival. The audience sends you weapons, grenades, and first-aid kits to make it easier for you to kill zombies – with guns at your choice. Explore the rooms, one after another, and make sure you haven’t missed an enemy. Unleash your fury, and don’t let other survivors succeed. The Show winner will receive everything: freedom, fame, and life.

A survival shooter where you commit the assault. Get ready for fierce shooting, spreading shots, and stay alive among the unkilled!
Can you survive long enough?

Game Features:
– Third-person zombie survival shooter;
– Build turrets, set living dead on fire, and defeat bosses;
– Open all rooms and rank number one in the online Show leaderboard!
– Collect coins and level up your character: the more waves you survive, the higher your reward;
– Pick up deadly bonuses to destroy enemies;
– Immerse yourself in the atmospheric post apocalypse world.


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