Wuxia Creed

Make Your Own Wuxia Creed.
Epic Martial masterpiece, customize lifestyle of your own script.

【Real-time Cross-server Battle】
Skillful pick and roll to PVP, Real-time cross-server battle with multi-players.
Carry your sword and weapon to experience the game with great freedom and go beyond the battle with excitement and pleasure!

【Make by Unreal Engine 4】
3D picturesque wonderland, splendid Kongfu script representation with special effects,
hundreds of customized fashion, all comes from experienced designers.
Have fun with excellent dungeons, back to the age the wuxia dynasty, get a heap of materials, collect thousands of supreme
Titles, Achievements, free Jades and so on.

【Brief if life, but love is eternity】
Traditional Chinese wedding cere3mony, flower sedan,Bridal chamber, Couple Dungeons and
Couple VS Couple Battle and so on, a true love story may happen on wuxiaworld and it will last for an eternity ….

【Make Real Friend in LBS】
Easy to find a partner to play with you!
Let us find a real friend in the wushu wonderland and take her/him to breakthrough all the dungeons and shadows!

Different kinds of ride increase combat power!
Fantasy Pegasus, Christmas Reindeer, Wandering Eternity Leaf, Chengying Sword, Phoenix Dragon and so on!
Get your customized ride or in game!

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