World War Battleship

Act Now in the Ocean! World War Battleship 2020 New Release! Full-Control Submarine, Aircraft Controllable Carrier System! Sunk the enemy ship, fight back to the enemies, Get Epic Victory Glory.

?️ Highly Detailed Latest 3D Warship Graphics in the Market.
? Full Control Submarine & Aircraft System, No RTS Aircraft Control Mode.
⚓Exchange All the Ship Gun as You Wish.
?️ Exciting War Feels & Best Sea Gunfire Effect.

Join the War! World War Battleship is WW1 to WW2 Warship Online Game. A Free-to-play simulator action TPS ship view and FPS shooting mode shooter game.

You can role-play a real-time third person warship. It will return to WW2 1941, 1942~1944 Battle Day, and Night Blitz Combat.

You can join the in United State, England (UK), Japan, Germany, France, USSR Soviet, China Chinese and Italy Marine Navy or Strategy.

Over 150 Ship in 8 Country
Such as Warship Monster – Yamato, USS Iowa, Bismarck, South Dakota , Nagato, Wolf-pack – German U-boat, USS Midway CV-41, Musashi, USS Zumwalt (planning).

Character System
Get participate in the battle and get nation EXP.

Unlock the Ship
Unlock your warship with nation year EXP or Silver or Gold resources.

Upgrade the Armaments Weapon Equipment
Warship’s Guns Cannons, Bullets, Torpedoes, Missiles, Airship & Craft – Airplane, Aircraft, Helicopters, Bombers, Depth Chargers, Water or Fuel Tanks.

Upgrade Ship Modules / Tech Steer-Parts

Ship Armors
Simple Click to Adjust the Armor Slots of Hulls, Base, Belt, Bulkhead armor, to dodge or reduce the damage attack.

Sailor Characters & Skill Dominance
In 10 different classes (Supply, Weapon, Engine, Scout, Communicate, Command Commander, Medic, Damage, Air boost, Aviators). It helps to upgrade the gun accuracy, range, damage, potential abilities,
food act, reaction, defense, jump in to dodge rate.

Five Playable-Era Ship Types
(Battleship – BB, Aircraft Carrier – CV, Heavy Cruiser – CA, Cruiser –
CL, Destroyer – DD, Submarine – SS).

Daily Reward & Achievement System

Weather System
Sun, Night, Arctic, Snow, Rain Environment.

Optimization Performance Adjustment
Graphics Setting – Low, Mid, High Quality.

Quick Random Battle
Online Battle (PVP) 12 vs 12 to 2 vs 2.

Team Up Corporation Squad
To join the PVP Clash. Play with online friends or team matches to become the master champion!

CO-OP Mission
The Solo or Single Players Mode, to sink all the enemies ship,
choosing different difficulty to survival the fast-wave attacks.

Historic Cooperate Sceneries
To compete different ship attack mission episodes threats. Some famous invincible battle in the historic documents, such as Philippine Sea, Pacific War, Battle of the Atlantic.

Aircraft Dogfight in the Sky
Take attack risk behind the enemies. Track the Enemies’ Warplane!

Fleet Clan System
Armada Hunting Competition – Coming Soon.

Royale Arcade Mode
Occupy different position, to get extra power supply stage – Coming Soon.

Training Mode
Fight with AI enemies, particle your skill.

Various Ultimate Paint Schemes System
Skins, Patterns, Color, Decals Cockpit.

Customize Flag System (Coming Soon)

Make sure your device is equipped with 1.2GHz processor or 1GHz processor and 768 MB memory or above configuration. English Interface.

Requires a network connection and a registered game account
the information collected is for game use only (storing game data, login games, etc.)

Once you step in this Intense Battlefield, you can take the total of war.
It is a high-deep sea and Air-Battle Warfare.Get the Big Battle! Assemble your Clan
and Enter the Front-line of War.

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