World at Risk

More or less, everyone knows about WW II. Some very bad people had some insane ideas that were accepted by their population as the solution for growing poverty and hunger that started after WW I. What was a small corporal fantasy, engulfed the whole globe in the worst conflict in the history of mankind.
It was about 80 years ago. Try to be there. Try to go back in time. Imagine tank roaring, the squeaking of metal. Imagine howling of diving “Stuka” and bombshells flying around your head. Freezing night in the trench, hunger, while “Katyusha” is targeting your position. NO chips, NO pizza, NO Labrador retriever by your feet, but the smell of oil and gunpowder…Welcome…Let’s play some game…

Battle map
There is the map of Europe and there are your units. You make a move and another move and another one… Well, it is not that easy. Show your potential, your strategic skills and get that city of yours by destroying enemy troops. It is a very good feeling when you retrieve your place of birth and put it under your control.
Get in the StG 44 with your crew and full speed ahead? Well, no…it’s a machine gun. KV -1 in your left hand, T-34 in your right hand…Who can oppose you? Well, wrong again…Those are tanks, bro, powerful tanks…Don’t worry, no one is born with that kind of knowledge, but if you are passionate about this, you can learn pretty interesting things.
Who is that guy with those funny mustaches? *pointing at Stalin*…Bro, try to tell him that. A wrong glance at the wrong time and wooosh, the prison is your permanent residence. It’s good if you want to chew cedar trees in deep snow for the whole year.
Who’s that tall and pale guy? Well, it is general Patton. Give him a tank and start planning vacation for Christmas, because that guy is gonna end whatever had begun.
Harris, Govorov, De Gaulle, Brooke, Montgomery…And so on and so on…
Find your favorite general, use his perks, give him upgraded units and watch your enemy suffer.
No man is an island. Seek for your alliance, choose your teammates. War veterans agree on one thing, you can’t find a better friend than in a war. There is a special link between two troopers in a muddy ditch under an artillery attack. True brothers in arms. Coordinate your actions, share knowledge, tactics, resources. Do everything, just don’t get killed. As Patton used to say: “No b****rd ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making some other poor dumb b****rd die for his country.”
A campaign is a good place for finding resources, experience, plans for upgrading your weapons. But, it is not just that. You can get a broad picture of WW II timeline, main battles, and operations. Check out what happened decades ago, maybe your apartment is in a place of some major battle in the past and you don’t have a clue.
Home, sweet home. Build your turf, make that home works for you. There is no tank without the factory, there are no new technologies without research. Yes, it is slow sometimes, but all the good things come to those who wait. After the hard work, you can always pop to the embassy and check out what are your friends doing.
You are still reading this??? Install this game, soldier, and make them suffer! Hut!Hut!Hut!Hut!

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