White Kingdom

3D Idle Game “WhiteKingdom” for watching and listening to the hero’s gorgeous automatic battle

Fun to watch and listening to the hero’s gorgeous automatic battle 3D Idle Game “WhiteKingdom” .
Lead the guardian gods and heroes and fight the fallen gods and evil forces to save the world.
[Game Features]
All Auto (AI) neglect type game.
Easy automatic battle play!!
Automatically battles even when offline you can earn gold and loot.

★Natural hero growth.
Increases the hero’s ability by the gold that accumulated in each battle .
Collect and combine weapons to gain higher abilities.
Collect various materials to strengthen your armor to grow your hero’s abilities.
Equip Power Stones to Heroes to increase your Hero’s abilities.
Points earned from enhancements made to artifacts by the hero can be used to grow and strengthen the hero’s abilities.

★Call of the Guardian God.
When you respond to the call of the guardian deity during the dungeon, you can get stronger by acquiring items to help you grow your hero.

★Various dungeon contents.
Enjoy hero growth, competition, and fun through challenge dungeons, defense dungeons, and field bosses.


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