What A Wonderful World

“Oh, the people you will meet, the places you will find, and the wonders you will discover!”

Discover this beautiful planet we call home! Explore the pure magic around every corner!

Solve fun and surprising puzzles! Travel to famous (and not-so-famous) landmarks! Get inspired by our shared humanity!

Join Archibald the architect and his apprentices Elie & Fennec to find inspiring stories around the globe. Stories that pique our interest and bring us closer together! The stories that celebrate our journeys and are a source of boundless optimism and curiosity for the explorer in all of us!


  • SOLVE: Challenging puzzles to travel around the world!
  • EXPERIENCE: Our rich history through artistically curated content – browse thousands of stories, videos and images.


  • Move to the top of the leaderboard.
  • Share your discoveries on social media.

Art has always changed the way we see the world, and ‘What A Wonderful World’ hopes to change the way we see each other!

Download and get inspired! Learn something new every day! Change the way you view the world around you!

Google Play:


APK: https://mega.nz/#!HegS3aDB!z19xY_ZDthLWM48tgplBLp_Ep8SOem6zH5ScT2VDlpE

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