West Legend

Welcome to the world of West Legend!
Build and develop your own city in the wilderness to become a legend!

[City development]
-Build resource buildings and develop your city based on abundant resources to protect your city from outlaws. The survival of the city is in your hands!

[Subdue the villain]
-You can obtain resources and experience points by subjugating the Wanted, and special rewards by subduing the villain boss. Become the best wanted hunter in the west!

[Hero recruitment]
-Recruit various heroes with special abilities to contribute to the development of the city. Heroes are the key to protecting and developing your city!


-You can choose one of three jobs: Farmer, Predator, and Trader. You can change your job from time to time, and choosing a job that suits your situation can be the best strategy.

-It is difficult to survive for a long time alone in wild wilderness. Create an alliance with other players and make a strong companion!

[Federation War]
-My alliance is not the only one in the wilderness. Combat with other alliances is inevitable in order to acquire more resources. Cooperation and war, which will you choose?


APK: https://apkcombo.com/west-legend/com.sstl.west.google/

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