We Bare Bears – Free Fur All: Mini Game Arcade

Bring on the bear stack! Help the bears as they go about their everyday misadventures in six different mini games. Make Panda the best barista in the city. Practice mystic martial arts with Ice Bear. Grab food samples from the market with Grizz. See how high you can score in each game!

– Photo Finish – Use stickers to help Panda maximise his selfie style. Take a selfie of Panda and then drag the right stickers onto his face to get points and energy.
– Flippin’ Awesome – Flip Ice Bear’s world-famous pancakes to perfection. Flick your device up to flip the pancake. Faster flicks mean higher flips. Make as many flips you can – but don’t hit the ceiling!
– The Wheel Deal – Steer Grizz to glory in a segway race. Tilt your device to manoeuvre the segway and pass the checkpoints to get energy. Make sure to stay on the road for maximum speed!
– Sample King – Swipe Grizz free food samples at the farmers market. Swipe the yummy food samples up to Grizz but beware of the bad foods, you need to swipe those ones away!
– Bearista – Help Panda make it as a barista in a trendy neighbourhood café. Tilt your device and tap the buttons on-screen to fill the right cups with the right liquids and then serve up those beverages!
– Way Of The Bear – Help Ice Bear master all the moves in his workout routine. Swipe 3 lines to do a power move and get energy. Swipe a line perfectly for even more points!

Compete against your friends in multiplayer matches! Use pass and play mode to see who will be the ultimate winner.

Earn coins as you play to unlock fun costumes, accessories and decorations for each of the games.

Have a blast playing a variety of different mini games with Grizz, Panda and Ice Bear in FREE FUR ALL!


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