Wasteland Raiders

In the not so distant future, humanity reaps the consequences of environmental disaster for the sake of prosperous civilization. Land acidification, drought, desertification, plagues and pestilence sweep across the globe. With Pandora’s box finally open, now is the time where only the strong can survive! Right is might and resources equal power in this survival wasteland!

Humanity seems so powerless in a world where the strong prey on the weak. Yet, as a member of this wasteland, you must fight to decide your own fate. Don’t regret your decisions…

>>>>>> Features <<<<<<
• Unlimited Freedom Sandbox!
Every player will be placed in this wasteland, and try their best to escape from the wasteland! So be careful, don’t go wrong with even one step!

• Decisions make History!
Will you help or hinder those you meet on the vast wasteland? As you plan your resources, the skills and formation you choose are crucial, as each small step you make will affect the unfolding history of this world!

• Deep Strategic Challenge!
50+ heroes, 3 troop types and 100+ skills are available at your fingertips! Experience the thrill of the underdog overcoming the tyrant and let strategy win the day!

• Secure Clan Resources!
It is undoubtedly suicide to act alone in this wasteland. Create your own clan, use your own tactics as you compete and gather as much resources as possible! Work together to become the rulers of the wasteland!

• Lead the Clan out!
Unite! Advance! Breakthrough the siege step by step to reach the Central District! No matter what position you‘re in, everyone can bring their own value to the table!

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APK: https://apkcombo.com/en-vn/wasteland-raiders/com.ubj.wastelandraiders/

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