Wasteland Punk – post apocalypse open world RPG

You’re a mercenary squad leader in a post-apocalyptic future/world. Explore wasteland, face brutal warriors of different factions and try to grow your own power in the region.

Civilization was destroyed. The world became a dangerous place full of
mutated animals, environmental hazards, and madmеn. You have to take control of an old outpost and bring data lost there.
Find new allies and resources, craft items, battle with other factions – and maybe
you will be able to survive!

The story takes place in old USA central states. Apocalypse started with a devastating solar flare which burns most of electrical devices and means to produce electricity. Army AI system which controlled Nuclear weapon went mad and launched hundreds of nuclear missiles all around the world. Now it’s your time to show how to be a real leader in the apocalyptic world!


Explore the big open world map
Deep RPG system
6 primary and 12 advanced classes
Unique and interesting story
Deep crafting experience
Non-linear story

Visit bar to find recruits, or level up current crew.
Craft new equipment in the workshop.
Find faction missions in the outpost.
Make your own 4-man squad and explore wasteland!


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