Wasteland Lord

Welcome to the Nuclear Wasteland which was full of disorders, chaoses, plagues, and even mutations. The only creed here is ‘Don’t trust in anyone!’
‘The scariest thing is not starving to death…’
‘… But being an appetizer for zombies…’
‘… Who can come and save us…’
Build a shelter and produce enough food for survival. You can trade with nearby villagers, exchange resources and make weapons against threats from the dangerous zombie world.
A challenging world awaits you to explore!

– DEVELOP Your Shelters –
Run your shelter and turn the ruins into a warm home with everything you need. Make various products in growhouses, food factories and breweries. Trade with passing scavengers to get a lot of rare materials.

– Craft Advanced Weapons –
Don’t let your weapon factory idle! Five powerful weapons are waiting for you to make. Merge to get advanced weapons which can easily increase the combat power and effectively help you fight against ferocious zombies.

– Remould Your Vehicles –
Do you want cooler and stronger vehicles? Upgrade parts to make them indestructible and load more weapons to make a full-blown attack! In this wasteland world, vehicles will always be your most reliable friends!

– Let’s FIGHT! –
Use heavy weapons such as flame throwers, missiles or machine guns against zombies! Crush them down! Blasted them away! Enjoy the pleasant of destruction!


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