Where are treasures hidden? What enemies will you face? How can a small village develop into a metropolis? Join this unprecedented adventure now and find all the answers yourself!

★Game Features★
? Agriculture. Build Farms and Workshops, distribute food and arrange houses for villagers to develop a better territory.
? Explore. Leave your town and gather your army and heroes to explore the unknown land. When you occupy a new region, you can obtain the local specialties.
? Adventure. You may encounter a variety of puzzles and challenges as you explore the land. Pass all the tests and get rich rewards with your wisdom and power.
? Inheritance. Cultivate excellent inheritors. The blood ties between families would bring new talents and genes that make your territory thrive.
? Treasure. Discover relics and rare ancient artifacts as you fight and explore. Villagers would gain special abilities with these treasures.

★Join The Lords Around The World★
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WarriorVille-110190408106058/
Discuss on Discord: https://discord.gg/Gk8Q3KFg7A

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