War of Tanks

An epic warfare strategy game with tanks! Lead your tanks to conquer the Europe!

An intense warfare strategy game featuring hundreds of real European cities and 40+ tanks in an alternative history of World War II. 
In this game, you start as a commander of a tank platoon and engage in high-tech warfare against several automatically matched online players.
The OPEN BETA test is available now. Take command of your battle tanks and conquer the Europe!

-Real European Map
Hundreds of real European cities are awaiting your conquest.
Keep capturing the cities and building new military constructions. 
Upgrade them wisely to prove your logistical ability. 

-Historical Battle Tanks 
Build your army consisting of modern tanks (light, medium or heavy tanks).
Enhance your tanks and tank equipment to survive longer in the match.
Take control of these immense mechanical beasts and dominate the battlefield.

-Proper Matchmaking
Face off against live players automatically matched by Military Rank.
Utilize delicate tactics to take over the enemy cities and crush any invasions.
Defeat all of the other players to become the victor.

-Entertained Challenge
Each time you start a game, your rivals will be newly matched and different.
If you failed to defeat your enemies, devise better plans and challenge again!
If you have won the war, try your best to extend your era of dominance!

Lead your tanks and start to fight! Will you come out on top? 

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APK: https://mega.nz/#!ee4n2ApY!x688yqgNQYpiROFyNjY_CRZj4SGgzQk29hkfnJwpeOM

OBB: https://mega.nz/#!jLghlYKY!o9ODt5_bxqaC3yfoBC0YjanXWz76VzBI4-prsFeHgyY

1. Create folder Android/obb/com.jdgames.p24cs.googleplay in SDcard or Internal Memory.
2. Copy the main.7283.com.jdgames.p24cs.googleplay.obb to folder Android/obb/com.jdgames.p24cs.googleplay

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