War of Storms

A Combination of Battle and War!

Climb aboard the airship and develop a great strategy!
Collect and train various heroes, giant machinas, and five-colored units in your hands!
Claim victory amidst an endless battle!
New 4X Strategy RPG game to conquer the Storm Isle! War of Storms.

Ultimate Weapon that Protects the Airship: Machina!

✔ Ultimate weapon that rules the ground and the sky, machina!
✔ Experience the exciting skills of the ultimate weapon machina.
✔ Upgrade the machina to protect the airship.

Indomitable Moving Fortress: Airship!

✔ Your personal airship, where you can research, craft, and train!
✔ Be the airship’s admiral and establish various strategies!
✔ Improve the airship with airship gear! Make your fortress in the sky even stronger!
✔ Upgrade your airship to become the best admiral in the continent!

Excellent intersection between RPG and Strategy!

✔ Train heroes to defeat your opponents!
Enjoy Tower of Challenge and Arena, where you can showcase your strength!
✔ Gear crafting, upgrading, and promoting makes collecting heroes more fun!
✔ The units assigned under powerful heroes’ command make you even stronger in the battlefield!

Huge Guild Wars That Unfold Under Your Command!

✔ Assemble your guild! Various guild content benefits such as check-in rewards and guild construction!
✔ Become the best guild in the server! Wage war against global guilds!
✔ Secure the Storm Isle and Ruins!
Upgrade the guild base and conquer the enemy guild territory.

Water, Fire, Wind, Light, and Dark! Make your own unique army!

✔ Enjoy the 5 types of troops! Color your own fancy by combining the different types!
✔ Strategically use type advantages!
Become the ruler of the battlefield by combining strong heroes, titanic machina, and countless troops with different types!


APK: https://apkcombo.com/war-of-storms/com.ndream.tempest/download/apk

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