War Odyssey: Gods and Heroes

War Odyssey: Gods and Heroes is a thrilling mobile MMO game where ancient Greek gods clash in a brutal war! Explore a vast world and challenge legendary monsters of ancient mythology. Challenge legendary creatures and fierce monsters, and fight them for your empire. Build your city, and train a powerful army of humans and heroes. Rally mythical Elder Gods to defend your city, fight your toughest opponents, extend your empire and team up with Zeus and the Lords of Olympus!

As well as building your city, clash with enemies, and fight wars alongside your clan, War Odyssey: Gods and Heroes also lets you:

  • Customize your city and battle interface: craft new buildings and expand your empire!
  • Unlock new gods, heroes and mythical beasts every full moon: challenge them to fight, and collect them for your clans. Achilles, Hercules, Poseidon, Artemis, Zeus and many others are waiting for your order to fight!
  • Collect rare materials and essences to craft legendary weapons and armor from the age of mythology. Equip your gods and heroes so they’re ready for war!
  • Fight other players from around the world during intense and brutal battles: make alliances, join clans and use strategy to crush your opponents and earn domination over the Greek empire!

War Odyssey: Gods and Heroes is an online multiplayer strategy game set in the age of mythology. Team up with ancient Greek gods of Olympus, including Zeus himself, and clash with your foes:

  • Grow your village and keep building your cities. Extend your empire, order your troops and secure your domination of the ancient Greek civilization.
    Build, protect and grow your village into a powerful city: expand your civilization with new buildings and conquer your enemies in brutal wars.
  • Raise your army: forge and collect weapons, and fight with the best troops, heroes and gods from the age of mythology.
    Forge alliances with Zeus and the Olympus lords to defeat mythical beasts and creatures!
  • Clash with enemy clans, crush their cities in brutal battles and conquer the whole empire. With the help of your gods and heroes, protect your civilization from creatures, beasts and monsters from the age of Greek mythology.
    Use strategy and build alliances with your friends and clan to win brutal online battles! Ensure the domination of your empire!

People from villages, cities, clans… the whole Greek civilization is entering the battle against darkness in War Odyssey: Gods and Heroes, a mobile multiplayer battle game! Join clans, forge alliances, order your troops, crush enemies, and build your empire in this age of brutal war. Use the help of gods, heroes and the Lords of Olympus: Zeus, Poseidon, Hercules, Achilles, Artemis… and more!

Try this game now, build your empire, clash with enemies, conquer civilization and challenge the lords of Olympus on your mobile.

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