War Legends: Destiny

Under the protection of the God of Light, the people of Conroe lived in prosperity and harmony. However, King Arthur was assassinated in a mutiny. Losing their great king, the Land of Conroe suffered great loss in the battle against the Darkmancer. The mission to resurrect King Arthur now falls upon your shoulder. And only you can lead us to victory in this final war of fate.

War Legends: Destiny is a MMO strategy game featured with real-time battles where players from across the globe compete with each other. You have to map out a seamless strategy at every stage of the game – construct your kingdom, summon heroes, train your army, conquer territories, craft your equipment, hatch dragons, and more! You have to forge alliances, explore the wild, gather intelligence, and strike fear into the hearts of your enemies. Every decision matters as you establish your reign over this land.

●Strategy Focused
The players from across the globe are assigned to different parts of the world map which consists of 1 million slots. There are more than 100 neutral territories waiting to be conquered. Real-time multiplayer battles are taking place in every part of the map. The situation of battles changes every second. Find your enemy’s weaknesses and rally with your allies to turn the tide!

●Deep Battle Compositions
Different heroes possess different skills and bonus effects. Unlock powerful Synergies by matching different heroes together! Carefully select the heroes fighting alongside you and adjust the team composition according to your enemies formation!

● Craft a Superior Battle Formation
In War Legends: Destiny, your battle formation consists of more than just a frontline and backline. Your formation layout is divided into 16 slots. Strategically arrange your formation to better protect your damage dealers and eliminate enemy heroes!

● One Good Legion is All You Need
War Legends: Destiny offers a unique “legion” feature: legions possess special attributes that help to attain fast development, attack bonuses, or healing bonuses to max out the value of each individual in the legion; Members from the same legion can help each other out in building construction, launching attacks or a joint defense. Legion members can transfer soldiers to each other to quickly recover their battle power.

●Summon Powerful Dragons
You can even summon dragons to help you seize the victory! Dragons can directly deal damage to your enemies, de-buff or neutralize their attacks, and even remove the negative control effects on your troops. More dragon abilities are waiting for you to explore.

●Carefully Pave Your Way to Dominance
In War Legends: Destiny, it is crucial to make a development plan in the early stage. It determines your role in the upcoming battles. You can be a warrior fighting in the front line, a support transporting supplies for your allies, or the leader that leads the exploration of the tremendous unknown world. It’s all your choice!

●Explore a large world map
In the seamless world map, you can gather resources, kill wild beasts to obtain legendary equipment, or eliminate bosses with your allies. However, dangers lie waiting in the areas of the unknown, make a thorough plan before you venture too far!

●Long reign the king!
In War Legends: Destiny, it’s the ultimate honor to be the King of Avalon! Make King Arthur proud of you, let people erect your statues, and may the bards glorify your reign!

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