Trucks’n’Guns: Endless Road War

A unique mix of Shoot’em Up and Endless Runner genres
Beat the distance record fighting off the enemies constantly pursuing you!
?Pump the truck
Turn your car into a shredder on wheels and bring down THIS MOST HELICOPTER in two!
Machine guns and rocket launchers will help you with this, just install them on your armored truck.
?Share with friends
Show off to your friends hundreds of defeated pursuers and kilometers of burnt roads!
⚠️Feel free to suggest ideas
If you know how to make the game better – write, and maybe the HELICOPTER will have a no less cool friend, and maybe an enemy!

⚡Take the most tenacious truck and upgrade it to install more weapons!
⚡ Pump up weapons to quickly destroy insatiable pursuers!
⚡ Go through as many as possible destroying everyone in your path and show everyone who ?the king? of these roads!

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