Triple Chain: Strategy & Puzzle RPG

Get ready for an action-packed HERO COLLECTION, STRATEGY, ADVENTURE, MATCH 3, PUZZLE and RPG rolled into one! TripleChain redefines MATCH3 PUZZLE RPG games with its challenging and addictive gameplay you shouldn’t miss!

Using simple touch-and-drag controls, collect and help your Heroes defeat enemies in a challenging chain puzzle quests. Test your chain making skills and link your path to victory before your turns run out!

Discover the exciting world of Triple Chain!


Strategy & Game Play
· Unlock new locations by clearing out all quest maps with your Team of Heroes
· Create chain of cells on the entire quest map to unleash attacks against targets
· Choose chain of cells strategically for explosive combos and high-damage attacks!
· Collect amazing rewards by clearing challenging quest maps

Hero System
· Unlock wide variety of different Heroes to join you into battle.
· Collect Class of Heroes from Warriors, Specialists, Tankers, Damage Dealers, Supports and Healers.
· Level up skills, Runes and Gears to increase Hero Attributes.
· Create your team of Heroes and use their special attacks for maximum advantage

Please Note! Triple Chain is free for download. However, a network connection is required.

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