Town Rivals – PvP Idle Tycoon

It’s time for you to get your island, build a town and grow it to become the best! Build up the whole island and see its’ beauty!

You start with a town hall. It generates permits that you use to build any building in the game. To grow your town, you need money. How do you get the money? You need businesses! Build your first business. Once it’s ready to serve customers, you need to make sure that it stays busy. Build a residential area to get your first customers. Once your business serves its’ first customers, build a bank to collect the income. Keep growing your town.

Tired of tapping? No problem – hire managers to automate your businesses, residential areas and your bank. No need to tap – they do all the work for you. You can relax and see your income grow. 

Once you get enough cash, make sure to buy upgrades – every upgrade makes you richer in the longer term. Constant growth is the ultimate winner.

Apart from upgrading, you can also research new products inside your businesses and construct new businesses. Make your normal coffee an advanced version of latte! Make your customers happy by giving them more choices.

Research and construction don’t come free. You need Permits generated in your Town Hall. If you don’t want to wait, you can steal them from other players. Beware! The more you attack, the more people will take their revenge on you. Are you ready to risk and progress faster?

If you like idle, management & casual PvP games, you will enjoy Town Rivals! An easy-going game where you grow your town & interact with other players. Start small and become the #1 player. 

Get addicted and win!

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