Huh? The creater’s control room is a mess! TictacBoom’s world’s time & space is totally confused! Who is responsible for all this?
Newton argues with Aristotle, Ying Zheng fights Alexander for the prime emperor…Over 25 great persons take show together, clash for whole new stories!

Wow! Tesla can “summon” a tesla coil tower, Shakespeare can “mind-control” and turn people into puppets, the rumors became true here! The knowledge and ideas turn into concretization, use these carefully, as some Combo may contain destructive power!

Gossip? Did this really happen? Leonardo had a brawl with Michelangelo on the statue of David; Two men dueled for the love of Marie Curie; Tesla’s true love is a pigeon?! The lost diaries not only restore oneself, they also tells the forgotten truth.

Casual game? The number of activities is not so-casual: 1v1 solo, 3v3 Super Smash, Party up for Boss fights… Gather your friends to play togther!

What the *? Leonardo’s egg yolk stucked on my screen! Ouch! Galileo’s rainbow cosmos blinded my eyes!

Take time to find the “surprises”… Do not top-up until you have to, or you will miss them. 😉

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