Thumb Car Driving

When your grandpaπŸ‘΄ got his first car he needed both hands and both feet just to get outta his old-timey driveway. Get ready to take on one mission after another with πŸ‘†JUST ONE FINGER!πŸ‘†

πŸ‘‰ Find hidden keys
πŸ‘‰ Park in marked spots
πŸ‘‰ Deliver pizza
πŸ‘‰ & more!

Collect enough car parts along the way, and you’ll πŸ”‘unlock more carsβ€”

πŸš“πŸš•πŸš—12 cars are waiting!πŸš“πŸš•πŸš—

Slip up and you may 😨damage your carβ€”

πŸ˜„Can you find a repair kit in time?πŸ˜„

Drive in day🌞 and night sceneryπŸŒ™, but watch out for the πŸ˜ƒultra-realistic AI traffic!πŸ˜ƒ

Try it out now, and πŸ˜†see how well you can drive withΒ only one finger!πŸ˜†