Throwing Squad

First game work from the maker of China, XiaMang.

The game is played in units of “squad”, the number of people is equal to the amount of blood, and the game experience is totally novel and special.
“Throwing” is the only way to attack, physical trajectory plus physical collision, and the feel is bursting.
Random main weapon + multi-function sub-weapon, with a rich mix of battles.Fight till the last second and win the battle!
Jars, mobs, altars, bosses, airdrops, each game has a different combat experience.

1、A fast-paced multiplayer Online competitve battle mode made for mobile.
2、Innovative “Throw & Dodge” combat experience, attacking each other by throwing various special things:TV、Cayenne pepper、Well-cover,etc.
3、Large-scale battlefield under frame synchronization .technology, 20 people in the one game,and player will get rich growth in the game.
5、Unique style, high role recognition, excellent quality
6、Use new payment model “Battle Pass” .Fair Fights, there is no squad paying for stats.

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