Thor: Infinite Defense

Ragnarok is quickly approaching, and Hela has been building an underworld army to invade the planet. To protect the planet from the invasion, Thor has been ordered to command the ancient heroes of Valhalla to descend to Earth.

Start playing with millions of other players around the world right now! Thor: Infinite Defense brings new life into the new tower defense genre by introducing aspects of RPG and idle games. 

Game Features:

1. Endless rewards
There is no reason to recharge in the game! Heroes, weapons, and more items drop randomly throughout the game. You won’t be able to put the game down once you start!
2. Idle gameplay
You don’t have to grind your way through the game. Make your best team to fight while you aren’t playing the game, and continue to get more revenue, power, and experience.
3. Intense battles
You can control the battle with the touch of your finger. Use strategy to deploy your heroes in PVE stages. Intense and exciting battles with awesome graphics.
4. Heroes with godlike skills
Every hero has unique skills to deal damage. There are so many special effects that will make the game come to life.
5. Extreme lineups for challenging strategy
There are many heroes you can summon to match up and create the most powerful team. You can cultivate and train your rare heroes or sacrifice them to get special materials to create an even more dramatic metamorphosis in other heroes.
6. Lots of features
A tower defense game that has so many different types of gameplay, all kinds of players will find this game incredibly exciting.

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