The Revolt: Massing

Enjoy tactical RPG gameplay with magnificent 3D illustrated animations and unlock attractive comic storyline in The Revolt: Massing. It is the first mobile game authorized by and set in the popular comic Westward. The game will completely subvert your imagination of the original Journey to the West. In this adventure, you will be a warrior who fight to the end for what is right.

Line your heroes up according to their classes and attributes to form the strongest fantasy combination of gods and demons! Hero bonding, skill combinations, exclusive equipment, and formation restraint will allow you to turn the tide of battle at critical moments and blow up the three realms with a single finger! You will be invincible!

Experience the mayhem and furious battles with your friends. Join the millions of players around the world to enjoy The Revolt. You can build or join a Guild to improve each other’s power, lead your team to compete for resources, and join Cross-server Battles. Be the top guild of the whole server!

This game is a perfect mix of animation and addictive game plays. Not only the most popular heroes from Westward such as Monkey King, but also numerous super soul generals are ready for Battle! Awaken your favourite characters, train and power them up! The stunning 3D animations will deliver you a truly immersive visual experience.

Equip and rank up your team with all powerful elements in each combat, complete the level tasks to win free draws with a super high drop rate. Various events with abundant rewards will help you enjoy the game smoothly.

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