The Grugs : Run for fun

Meet Hector, Brumhilda, Brat & Lola a pretty much your normal, prehistoric family. Super quirky, yet resourceful. Challenges await, so we hope you are ready for some action!

The Grugs It’s a 2D physics based autorunner platformer with great replayability on multiple paths with metroidvania elements implemented in it all the while following a lighthearted story.

– Our 8 from 32 unique level-designs allow you to explore multiple paths with each run, and collect hidden treasures along the way.
– Run, jump, slide, hit and slam your way through this immersive world and defeat the bosses after each new biome you find yourself in.
– Dodge humongous boulders, escape from hungry dinosaurs, avoid deadly spikes all the while collecting dinner for the family.
– Make yourself at home and decorate your cave with the many items found on the course of your adventure!
– Customize your runners! Change their Hair, Shoes, Outfits, one by one, or dress them up in one of the complete sets you will find inside the game.
– Let the 1st biome’s map guide and prepare you for upcoming challenges.

Just a simple guy, trying to make it in the stone age. And he’s trying hard to provide for his family, when he is not busy taking naps, of course. And even though he had his fair share of head-smashing, bone-breaking, toe – hurting experiences in his life, somehow he manages to stay positive. And keeps on running. And running.
The soul of a ballet dancer stuck in the body of a rhino. Hildi, for friends. She was a beautiful, sweet little girl, back in her days, but the rough environment of the prehistoric times and the laziest husband in history combined would take a toll on any person.
The first child of the family. There is no easy way to say this, he is a little brat. The picky eater, annoying, mildly sadistic part of the family. But man, his wit is something else. He builds amazing traps, tracks his prey efficiently and when it’s time for the final blow, he always chickens out.
The youngest member of the family and a lover of cute animals. She likes to pet them, hug them and yes, occasionally eat them. She looks adorable, but we all know looks can be deciving. She is unpredictable, vicious and stupidly strong for her age, so a word of advice, do not stand between her and her best friend Pip, the baby mammoth.

Guide Hector speed through caves, ravines, waterfalls and many more in his conquest for food and hidden treasures. Learn how to jump, slide, hit and slam and test out your abilities while advancing in levels.
And beware! This journey is not challenges free. Deadly spikes or hungry dinosaurs are about to make your mission a bit harder. Join the fun all the way!

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3rd biome – BRAT BIOME
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4th biome – LOLA & PIP BIOME
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