Sweet Topia

Sweet Topia is a cartoon-style farm simulation game that combines building, upgrading and collecting.

In the game, you will be the owner of a floating isle above clouds and build your dream town! You need to plan the production and construction, trade with other isle owners; collect different companions and explore the realm together. Solve the daily troubles of your companions, fulfill your wishes, and play with them for fun.

Are you ready? This will be your own floating isle, a home for you and the cute animals!

Game features
** Build Your Dream Utopia
You can repair broken facilities, build your favorite buildings, collect various special decorations, and build the floating isle into your dream town.

** Enjoy the Fun of Companionship
You can build deep friendship with more than 200 different cute animals, and match them with different costumes to explore the heartwarming stories behind them.

** Become a Tycoon
You can trade supplies with other owners of other floating isles around the world and complete all kinds of orders. Create unique trading strategies, and become a rich tycoon!

** Explore the Unknown World
You need to rescue the kidnapped residents and train them to fight against the evil forces, defeat the enemies and get rewards to explore the hidden secrets of the floating isle.

** Play a Variety of Fun Games
Every week, you can play a variety of relaxing and stress-relieving games such as snake mode, bounce ball mode, etc. Come and play with your friends around the world!

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