Survivors: Last Defense

Brand New Survival Idle Game

Throw away those survival guide, your opponents are not human this time! The only thing you can trust is your Team and your Gun! Tomorrow is not a safe word anymore.

[Zombie Wave Attack]

Massive zombies are close to the Base. Factions are fighting for the remaining resources. You need to build your own power to survive in this Doomsday!

[Classic Idle Gameplay]

Online to kill zombies and get resource from Idle offline! Save your time to develop the best survival plan. Enjoy killing zombies in the relaxed mode!

[Collect Doomsday Heroes]

Collect Heroes from “Mutant”, “Cyborg”, “Savior” and “Survivor” Factions and build the strongest team. Arrange the unique skill combination from Heroes to battle with the Giant Zombies!

[Research Unknown Area]

The Greatest crisis in the human history! To survive, you need to research the dangerous unknown area. Watch your step, one mistake may lead you into the abyss!


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