SuperHeroes Galaxy: Olympus Rising

Unique strategic battle RPG with epic heroes!

SuperHeroes Galaxy: Olympus Rising is an innovative blockbuster instant battle RPG with heroes from multi-universe! Featuring with enhanced graphics, engrossing action Gameplay, strategical fun, and skillful lineup & amazing equipment uniquely designed for your heroes!

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Unique Battle & Strategy

  • Special combat mode, experiencing intense battles between your favorite Super heroes!
  • 5 Types of Heroes for your choice: Warrior, Mage, Tank, Archer, Support, create your own devastating lineup to compete to the top!
  • Bonds & Alliances between heroes, put them together in your lineup and unlock extra affinity bonuses! Special combo between certain heroes, strike enemies with insane damage!
  • Elf system, seize the chance to unleash Elf’s skill set to turn the tide in your favor!

Rich Welfare

  • Login everyday to get 50K diamonds! Free VIP Exp is given daily, so everyone is a VIP player!
  • 100% to get a legendary hero in every 10x summon
  • Generous free rewards for each opening server, raise your power in a short time!

Collect & Cultivate

  • Summon heroes from multi-universes, Iron-knight, Demon Slayer, Greek God – Athena are all at your service
  • Level up to unlock heroes’ unique talents and skill sets, release their true potential!
  • Collect equipment with different titles, equip them on get more power!
  • Optimize your own system and lineup, collect your favorite Superheroes with bonds & affinity to strengthen your team!

Engrossing Gameplay

  • Various gameplay, adventure, dungeons, idle mode, arena, PVP, all in one game!
  • Team up with players in the server, go for quests like Monster Siege, World Bosses! Defeat them to get handsome rewards daily!
  • Cross-server PVP, real-time battles with players worldwide! Show your unique strategy to the world now!

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