StormWorld: Airship League

A parallel world to our own Earth, Meridian was a planet at the peak of civilization and technology. The latest technological advancement was the invention of the jump drive: aircraft could now instantly teleport to special towers built in every major city on Earth. But that first jump caused a collision with another parallel dimension, creating rifts all over the planet. Thus was born the StormWorld.

Then strange subterranean creatures, armed with advanced technology, began to emerge from hidden bases beneath the surface of the Earth. They nearly conquered the world, stopped only by the formation of the Airship League. But now, the invasion all but defeated, the Airship League has collapsed into 4 factions who fight for control over the planet’s resources.


Seamless Real World Map
StormWorld takes place on a single, gigantic map which uses real world mapping data. This means you can visit any city in the world (New York, London, Tokyo, etc.), fly to unique landmarks and monuments (Statue of Liberty, Eiffel Tower, Mount Everest, etc.) or even find your own house!

Exploration & Discovery
Unique Heroes, Enemies, Quests, and other hidden treasures are scattered throughout the world of StormWorld. Use your airship to travel to distant countries, cities, and towns–and prepare yourself for an adventure like no other.

4 Unique Factions
Choose one of 4 factions to represent yourself in the world. Each faction has its own unique Airship and different starting locations on the Globe,

Conquer the World (PVP)
Build the ultimate team of heroes and challenge other factions for control of StormWorld. Do quests, defeat the single-player campaign, and take control of Jump Towers and Monuments located in real-world cities. Make your faction the dominant force in Stormworld!

Oh, and try not to let the Morlocks take over the planet while you’re infighting, OK?

RPG Heroes
Collect over 40 epic heroes; level them up and gear them out with powerful items and unique abilities to get an extra edge in battle. Use different strategies and configurations to build the strongest team in the world!

PVE Campaign
Discover the history of StormWorld by going back to just after the great catastrophe. Learn the backstories of the heroes and factions and discover what really caused the world to get to where it is today.

Help locals, fight pirates, or negotiate peace in hundreds of unique missions across the Globe to build your reputation as the best Airship League pilot StormWorld has ever seen.


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