Stella Maiden

[Stella maidens] who are the alter egos of stars, fight against powerful enemies [Demakers] that invaded the universe, but they get to be pushed out by 
[Demakers] who grow up as they fight.

Deneb, who is the first [Stella maiden] selects [you] 
who is the descendant of soul architect who can make Stella maidens grow, 
and commands to raise [Stella maiden].

Without knowing the reason, [you] have to raise [Stella maidens] as the [master], and protect the universe from [Demakers].

[Introduction of the Game]
◆ Developed by two people, Indi game!
-We really wanted to develop a maiden game!

◆ A new beautiful girls game which got its motive from stars!
– Various Stella maidens of more than 110
-Cute, pure, nice, and strong maidens are waiting for your call!

◆Mini game + Shooting + RPG + Maiden + Simulation + Wave
-Fusion of various genres! You can get the feeling of fresh play!
-Block enemies that attack at certain time and develop your stars.
-Drive [Demakers] away with [Stella maidens] through original scenario and 
rescue the universe!
-Earn resources from various mini games and make quick development!

◆Preparing additional functions!
-PVP training
-Moving costume

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