State of Zombie: Idle RPG

State of Zombie” is a casual idle RPG mobile card game with a survival theme.

Due to the sudden genetic mutation of the HB project, the experiment becomes a highly contagious zombie monster. By then, the world falls to groups of zombies, and following that plunged into disastrous chaos! Mutations are happening in the doomsday world… Recruit heroes, build teams, and of course, enhance your strength. In the doomsday world that is getting out of control, survive together! By acquiring supplies can you survive. By relying on a powerful team can you survive. By mastering the strategy can you survive to the end! Call to duty and gather your troops for survival and build a peaceful world!

Amazing features include:

[Ultra Easy with One Tap]
High-definition maps, exquisite characters, simple AFK operations, strategic line-up, instant resource collection… All help you get high profits and complete stages, and build your own zombie kingdom!

[Strategy VS. Multi-Tactical Couples]
To mix and match heroes through multi-factions in real-time! Unlock heroic union, racial restraint, and tactical module during your Rogue-like journey! Different from the rigid hero formations of other RPG games, it can make your every whim an ultimate reality!

[Doomsday Wasteland Hero Card Collection]
Swipe between your fingers to rebuild flexible heroes, whether it is an SS-level legend character like the joker or an epic one with mythic skills, all they are made with exclusive ingenuity! Free collocation of tactical modules, let your lineup power to the extreme!

[Tower Defense with Zombie Siege]
Groups of zombies apocalypse surround and fight, the enemy besieged and attacked with 7 difficulties, and surrounded 7 areas! Not any issues with singling out the simple mode, but in the face of the ultimate hell, you still need to build a superior strength team for resisting! Bring your team to obtain the artifact in the arena!

[Build Your Own Exclusive Vehicles]
Unique vehicles will promote your ascend! There are currently 6 different types, after completing the mission, you will obtain the Cross, Jagged, Medical, and Artillery series, even more Helicopter and Commander! Jump into unlocking your exclusive vehicles and fight alongside on the battlefield together!

[Original Sandbox Alliance-Hummingbird Project]
Brand-new alliance combat, exclusive sandbox design, enjoy the thrill of mass response in battle, succeed in one fell swoop with players from all walks of life, and dominate the world!

[Maze Chaos-Hospital Escape]
Glory badge, specific blessing, taste the plague war in the hospital escape…Cooperate with your teammates, escape from the hospital together, and return back with great honor!

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