StarFleet Commander

“Commander, welcome you and your starfleet to explore the galaxy with us!
This is not a place of peace. You will not only face the enemies of the various galaxies, but also competitors from the same earth.
I hope you will become the most powerful commander in the boundless galaxy!

As a commander, everyone must control a powerful starfleet. This is not easy!
You have to show outstanding ability in all aspects of leadership, diplomatic, military and so on.

First of all, a solid base is the foundation of everything.
Research the latest technology, build and upgrade your troops, recruit outstanding officers, and even need processing plants with some resources.

At the same time, don’t try to avoid the war.
The battle for resource areas,the invasion of the robbers,and the attacks of other players all require your military ability to command troops to cope with different battles.

If you feel lonely in battle, build an alliance with your friends!Good cooperation can benefit everyone.

The ultimate visual experience.The picture created by the senior art team!
Rich gameplay.Each player can choose their own development path!
The art of war.The troops are restrained by each other, each with a special effect aura!
Free to play.There is no mandatory payment for downloads and play!
Military rank.The best commander alone enjoys the honor of “”Five-Star General””!
Player interaction.Free choice of cooperation or confrontation, no one is a natural enemy!”

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