Starborne: Frontiers

The galaxy is growing fast. With abundant new resources and ten quarrelling factions already vying for them, for some the new Frontier is a powder keg about to explode – and for others it’s the opportunity of a lifetime.
Stake your own claim on the Frontier as you gather captains, destroy the competition, and build the most powerful fleet humanity’s ever seen.

Travel across the edge of the galaxy through a beautifully rendered starscape, filled with treacherous nebulas, uninhabited planets, and extremely inhabited space stations.

Grow your fleet by recruiting ships from the galaxy’s most powerful factions, each with their own unique tech and specialties. Then make them your own, with customizable upgrades and equipment, to take on even the worst the galaxy has to offer.

Experience the freedom to play your way, with thousands of combinations of ships, equipment, and upgrades. Deploy and guide your fleet how you see fit across the battlefield, where every move could mean the difference between victory and defeat.

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