Solitaire Lucky Star


Help Lucky become a star in the funniest Tripeaks Solitaire card game around – Play Solitaire: Lucky Star!

If you love classic solitaire games, you’re going to love the Tri-peaks solitaire experience of Solitaire: Lucky Star.

♠ Join the fun – get rewards and card-flipping as both a story evolves and your coins grow as you play fun Tripeaks solitaire card games!
♥ Clear each level on every Episode as you flip your cards and get your lucky rewards. It’s fun, it’s FREE – and the most rewarding free Tripeaks solitaire game you’ve ever played! 

This isn’t one of your standard Tripeaks solitaire games – this is Solitaire: Lucky Star Tripeaks!

Fun REWARDS & Exciting Tripeaks Solitaire Games! 
Enjoy all of the excitement that Tripeaks solitaire games have to offer, with FREE solitaire bonuses HOURLY – get lucky rewards every hour for even more Tripeaks solitaire rewards! 

♣ Get flipping, help Lucky, and join exciting Tripeaks solitaire missions and challenges for even MORE solitaire rewards and bonuses! 
♦ Level up your solitaire game – clear your cards and receive rewards as you move on with each Episode The better your card flip, the better the Tripeaks solitaire game rewards!

Need for more awesome solitaire bonuses? SPIN the BONUS WHEEL for extra Tripeaks solitaire bonuses including FREE coins, EXTRA cards, FREE solitaire rounds and EXTRA rewards! In a tight spot? Use your coins for WILD cards – got a long card streak you don’t want to break? Use a WILD card and play any card in its place!

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