Slot Heroes

Slot Heroes is a free mobile fantasy game that will let you embark on a journey of sword and magic into the unknown land and save it from an evil overlord.

Jump in now and craft your destiny in a fast-paced PvE and PvP battles! Earn your rewards, equip cool items and level up your favorite warriors!

Build your own castle where you can manage your troops, prepare for the upcoming fights and simply hang out and read about the history of the world.

Explore the potential of different decks with a huge roster of beautiful and unique cards.

Encounter terrifying enemies and loyal friends as you wander through the Continent. Customize your army, join raids and compete in the arenas, it’s completely up to you!

-Four single-player campaigns to immerse yourself in the world and meet its inhabitants
-Six distinct races with different backgrounds and abilities
-Raid system that will allow players to fight together against powerful bosses
-PvP Arena for those brave enough to test their strength against fellow heroes
-Extensive upgrade and inventory systems for your army
-Innovative and engaging battle system that combines tactics and RNG
-Limited events with cool rewards and regular additions to the card collection!

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