SkyPunk: Heroes of Earth-7

You’re an Airship Pilot on the world of Earth-7, and the people of that world need your help! Steer your airship to different encounters, deploying your Heroes to fight enemies and gather goods and rewards. Defend the world’s Free Domains and defeat invading Warfactory robots once and for all!

– JOYSTICK CIRCLE: Use this to steer your Airship
– SKYCOMPASS: Bar at top of screen shows map direction and points of interest
– QUEST: Tap to show current quests acquired from the Domain Governor
– HEROES: Tap to inspect and level up your team of Heroes
– TRADE: Shows your Airship’s current cargo
– GLOBE: Open to select Domains to Jump or Cruise to

– Set Heroes 1 and 2 to be the front line, protecting 3 and 4 in the second line
– When a skill lights up in combat, tap to use it

– GREEN encounter for an easier fight but less loot
– YELLOW encounter for a challenge with a good reward
– RED encounter for a tough fight with the best loot

A parallel world to our own, Earth-7 has been devastated by an invasion of rogue robots from the world of Warfactory. Society collapsed under the attack and then gradually rose from the rubble to fight back against the robots, led by brave Airship Pilots deploying teams of colorful Heroes. Surrounded by the ruins of the Rustlands, domain cities like Paris and New York have regrouped and rebuilt, only to face a renewed threat from the robots of Warfactory. But you can help: explore this vast world, so like our own; gather goods and trade them to earn Gold and Fuel; summon Heroes to your team, win battles, and then level them up and assign them new skills. The fate of Earth-7 is in your hands!


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