Sky Island Saga

Welcome to Sky Island Saga!
Sky Island Saga is a unique blend of island building and role playing.
Be the captain of your very own society of adventurers and create a fantastic, bustling city on a sky island. Build, expand, explore, and plan your strategy – every decision is yours! Recruit dozens of adventurers, assign them various tasks and adventures, and watch as they populate the land, bringing your island to life!

★★Game Features★★
▶ Built on the Unity game engine, enjoy the detailed beauty of your island in 360 degrees using stunning, high definition details all in 3D.
▶ Create a cute avatar of yourself, and style out the perfect outfit.
▶ Recruit and lead unique adventurers with different styles, traits, and professions all to create the ultimate island society.
▶ Create your dream island using various buildings and decorations.
▶ Determine how to advance your island as you assign your adventurers, craft items and complete quests.
▶ Gain different rewards by both exploring and fighting monsters and also by helping out various factions for reputation.
▶ Craft equipment to outfit your adventurers.
▶ Summon legendary adventurers from another world to test their skills out on your island.
▶ Enjoy over 40 classes and professions to unlock, allowing you to further customize and advance your adventurers.
▶ Move around freely in your city and observe your various adventurers living their daily lives.

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