Silkroad Online

Silkroad Online mobile game is the mobile version of Silkroad Online develop and operate by U1game , which is authorized by Joymax Korea.
Silkroad Online mobile game, like the original PC version of the game, is based on the background of the rise and fall of the Silkroad Online in the seventh century, stretches across ancient China, Persia and Europe. It has built a huge and magnificent game world for the players.

Bicheon, Heuksal and Pacheon are the three characters can be chosen for now on when you enter the game. These three characters correspond to: Melee control, Range damage/support, Melee damage. In the gameplay of “Merchant”, player can choose identities as their interest, and the identities can be transferred as long as they want. The identities include: Merchant, Hunter and Ranger.

Player can experience the classic dungeon like: Temple Contest, Another Dimension and Donwhang Cave. Besides, organization of various communities, Core power of Team Build, Guild system and Major cohesive, Novel and unique skills, Gorgeous and diversified effects, feel passion to destroy enemy!

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