Rush Knight: Legends of Hero

Rush Knight: Legends of Hero is the most easy-to-start roguelike action game.
Sword Knight, the noblest title for the strongest swordsman, is the dream for every swordsman. You start the game as a newbie swordsman dreaming to be the sword knight. You need to defeat all the enemies ahead of you!

How to play
• Push left & right to move.
• Attack automatically when moving.
• Release ultra skill at the best moment.

Key Features
• Super easy and exciting control, just rush forward & backward!
• Acquire and choose skills. The skills are stack-able!
• Accumulate anger & release ultra skill at the best moment.
• Collect equipment pieces & upgrade equipment!
• Upgrade and strengthen yourself with star-souls.
• Raise and strengthen your pet as it’s your best partner.

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