Runelords Arena

After years of calamity, the runes of creation have once again come to the magic lands; with them, the shadow of the war march once more…
Runelords Arena is a turn-based strategy game in which your heroes, skills, creativity, and a dash of luck will lead you to victory. Pick from hundreds of heroes hailing from eight unique races; and ascend the throne of Runelords with your unique tactics and strategies!


– The NEXT LEVEL of Turn-based strategy
Combine powerful heroes in unique ways and battle on a turn-based battlefield.
Unpredictable turn-based battles with an exciting strategic layer.

– Assemble your dream team among 5 different classes
Level up heroes, skills, and runes to strengthen your party and take on ever more powerful threats.
Create powerful heroes by combining over 20 different types of runes.

– Build a name for yourself in a global matchmaking
Ascends through the ranks of a global leaderboard. Fair and challenging real-time ranked battles await!

– An epic fantasy
A continent-spanning tale, full of mystery and intrigue

– Relaxing and hassle-free idle mode
Worried about playing too hard? No problem, your heroes will fight for you while you’re offline!
Free diamonds, coins, and various rewards await you each day!

– Variety-packed gameplay with a wealth of reward!
A wealth of different game modes, including Campaign, Dungeon Crawl, Mirage Tower, and more!
Participate in events such as Rune Chest, Ziggurat, and Champions for even greater challenge and spoils!

What are you waiting for? Download now, build your deck, perfect your tactics, challenge players from around the globe, and become Runelord!

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