Roll No 21 Demon Tapdown

What if you are attending a school that is run by a demon principal? Well, if you are Kris, you use your powers to stop any evil happenings. Play as Kris and spoil all of the evil Principal Kanishka’s devious plans in this extremely engaging casual tap game.

Kris is just a regular school boy but he uses his secret mystical powers whenever they are needed. Hates studies and homework and loves playtime with his friends. Kanishk is the school principal who discretely is also the king of demons. He keeps coming up with new plans and summons various demons from Paataal-Lok to fight Kris and get rid of him.

Roll No. 21 – Demon Tapdown is a level-based game where monsters appear in fluid-filled bubbles. Tap on the green bubbles to pop them and defeat the monsters before they run out of the fluid. Beware though; some of the bubbles are filled with red fluid. Tapping them would result in loss of health which is integral for completing a level. Earn Gold after each level and use it to gain health.

This is a hyper-casual game where players need to tap and pop bubbles to defeat Demons. Each level has a differently shaped grid filled with Monsters. The level’s objectives must be met before the green bubbles run out of juice. Popping the same monster several times in a row will gain a combo score. The red bubbles have the same timer and are lethal as they blast when tapped and the player ends up losing lives. Tap carefully so as to avoid the red bombs.

Unlock Power-ups with game-progression. There are 5 types of power-ups:
1. Refill – Refills the timer for fluid
2. Time Stone – Freezes the timer for fluid for 2 seconds
3. Burst Pop – Bursts all the green pops and players get a score multiplier for 5 seconds
4. Golden Pop – All the green pops are converted to gold for 4 seconds
5. Reverse – Converts all the green pops into red bombs and vice versa

The power-ups can be upgraded by the gold that you collect after each level. 

Face minions are sent by Kanishk at regular intervals. Unlock the next set of levels after epic Boss Fights and collect the Boss Cards to boast about your victory.

– Cartoon style graphics
– Epic Boss Fights and Cards
– 5 amazing Power-ups to upgrade
– Exciting and fast gameplay
– Many challenging levels
– Different minion types

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