Rob and Renovate

Young couple Sunny and Clyde are on the brink of eviction, their landlord threatens them to kick them out of their home. Their only option is to steal, rescue and renovate their home – and save the whole neighborhood from destruction. What their landlord doesn’t know is that Sunny is not just a regular wife, but a well trained thief, a master of the art of stealing. Enjoy a lighthearted story filled with robbery, puzzles and love.

Look at the plan: game features

Plot heists on crooked aristocrats, and foil the authorities. Solve puzzles, play match 3 games and blast through obstacles to escape from the police and enjoy the unexpected story of a master thief and her husband.

Dress up your characters for a perfect disguise. Choose from dresses, pick different hairstyle to avoid the attention of unwanted people. Sneak into mansions dressed up as a pizza delivery guy, or a security guard. This game comes with endless combinations of customs and ideas to change your identity and not get discovered.

Renovate your apartment and rebuild your neighborhood. Turn upside down not only your home, but redecor the surrounding gardens and pool. This game offers an infinity of elements to customize and edit, while popping bubbles and playing puzzles, and grab diamonds and gems with your crew.

Use your creativity to decorate your community. Go around the block, master the renovation techniques to do a make over of the whole neighbourhood. Pick the sofa and the sunbeds for the garden.
Grow your team of professional thieves. Make new friends on the way, who are real partners in crime.

Match and blast puzzles to earn more currency to keep playing. Master the elements, pop colorful bubbles and combine them for fantastic boosters and power-ups for a bombastic mix of special tricks. Smash through chains and objects to get the loot. Play hundreds of match 3 levels that provide a relaxing but engaging challenge.

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